Child Counsellor

Counselling Children and Young Kids

Childhood is ideally a time of joy and discovery, yet it can also present formidable obstacles. Has your child's behaviour changed that you are at a loss in how to help them? Are they worried, shying away from people, not seeing their friends and having difficulties sleeping?

There may be unusual tantrums, feeling sad or just not their usual self. Are there transitions within the immediate family or caregiving environment that could be potentially leaving children feeling unsettled, or that your child may be having difficulties adjusting?

As a seasoned child counsellor registered with MBACP, I provide discreet assistance to children grappling with a spectrum of emotional and behavioral hurdles. From the complexities of anxiety and bullying to familial discord and academic pressures, my tailored therapy sessions are designed to equip children with the tools they need to navigate challenges and flourish.

Recognizing the importance of tailoring interventions to resonate with a child's unique perspective, I integrate elements of play, games, and interactive exercises into therapeutic sessions. By fostering a safe and nurturing environment enriched with creative materials like art supplies and sensory tools, I facilitate self-expression and exploration.

As a child counsellor, I need to be creative in my ways of working to ensure competency that a child can understand and engage with me. Talking about our worries is therapy and can be done adding games and quizzes. We could use and make available creative materials, such as paper, pencils, colouring books/sheets, paints or modeling clay that would help focus their attention. I would use a 'mirroring technique' to be at the child's level of understanding and give them the space and freedom to express their feelings and thoughts by reflecting in a safe, therapeutic way. This method can be used online and in person and we could discuss logistics.

Due to the age group, it is important to have a triangulation contract with a parent/carer, child and the counsellor. The child would need to give consent when setting up any meetings to discuss the therapy unless there was a good, justifiable reason to breach this confidentiality. I have an understanding of the current UN, UK and Scottish Laws to protect children from serious harm and aware of safeguarding and reporting if needed.

I have had additional training to learn about a child's brain development and stages, the variety of any learning developmental issues and attachment patterns. I am a counsellor and do not diagnose or analyse a child like other children's mental health organisations. If I am concerned about any of these issues then I would discuss with the parent/care giver and offer guidance and signpost to the relevant agencies.

Counselling sessions are a paid for service. However, no child or family is ever refused access to the counselling service for financial reasons. We can openly discuss any financial issues and options available. Reach out today to arrange a consultation and take proactive steps toward safeguarding your child's emotional well-being.